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Some good news or bad news about Ford


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Although Land Rover's RR/RRS, Disco and Freelander fit fairly well in the "portfolio" of the Priemer division of Ford, Defender doesn't fit so well in the business plan.

You can almost see them splitting Land Rover and handing Defender over to a commercial division.



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Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing - it no longer has anything in common mechanically with any other vehicle in the range (the Discovery 2 was the last, with diffs, transfer box, gearbox, engine), so it might prevent future "improvements" based on "economies of scale"? :rolleyes:

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I personally feel that Defender on its own is of little value to any prospective purchaser. Most of LandRovers Military markets have been surrendered to other manufactures. With the current product it would be virtually impossible to win any of those markets back. Same with industrial and agricultural fleet users. The vehicle has been gradually degraded in most of the areas that are really important to these users that it would be extremely difficult to persuade hard nosed business men to give LandRover a try, particularly when their Toyotas and Nissans have consistently given honest reliable service over the decades. That only leaves the private enthusiast sector which probably doesn't amount to many vehicles if Australia is anything to go by.


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