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Finally Had To Do It


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though it was down to my own laziness....

I have been using the tie-down rings on the front for hooking the winch cable on to then today due to a minor "misjudgement" I did this:



Well it looked hard.....

Had to do a fair bit of excavation even to get to the winch cable, couldn't even feel the damn hook never mind get it off! so I had to use the snatch block and double line it as I couldn't free the end of the cable.

A sensible (i.e. much higher up) place to hook the cable on to is a problem to be addressed on my new winch bumper I think :ph34r:

But I learned something useful: double lining a MM in high range actually works quite well, 3 x the speed of single line in low range and I guess about 3500lb pull which was easily enough to move this even when buried down to the bumper. I have never used a snatch block with the MM before (you don't need to in low range) but double line in high range is something I might use more often as it is a good compromise of speed/power :)

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A 110 would just have reversed out of that, you chaps and your silly short wheelbases getting both axles in the mire at once..tut ;)

Will :)

Quite right Will, that extra wheelbase allows one to stop before both axels get mired............ :) :) :)

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I think your Not meant to use the MM in high for winching at all!

something to do with the flow inside the winch.

Jim D90SV was telling me IIRC

I have heard differing opinions on that Tony ... some say you can, some say not

Milemarker quote a line pull in high range on their website here which would suggest that you can. I'd be interested to hear any evidence that there is a problem though, has anybody broken one doing this? perhaps only if fed on higher pressure than the std pump provides? Jim, any comments/experience on this?

It doesn't seem to worry mine anyway, if you do overload it in high it just stops when the pump relief valve opens, you can tell when it's getting close as you get a slightly "hydraulicy" noise just before it stalls. I guess it will do the same thing in low but I haven't found that yet. I washed the plasma as it was getting a bit mucky and because it holds so much water I took it to the container yard at work and hooked it onto a stack of 20' ISO containers (stacked 2 high) to give it a good pull in low range to squeeze most of the water out. Shifted the heap of containers - oops :unsure: oh well they were only about 5 tons next time I must find something heavier :rolleyes:

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Not so loud....

Allen (AKA Alfred Murray) has not found this site yet ;):P

It is strongly recommended that you do NOT use a Milemarker in High Box for winching and only for recovering cable.

If you have a fault (And you will if you keep doing this) The supplier will tell you "On your bike Sunbeam"

"You've been winching high box my ole fruit n nut"

To which all you be able to say is "A**E" as he pulls up a list of forum posts with photos..... :blink:

I know it is tempting, but DO NOT use high box, it WILL break.

Sorry for the bad news Mate

Jim :)

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Mine's out of warranty now anyway :)

That was my point JB ... there isn't much in a MM gearbox to break!

The motor won't, because it just stops

The motor to gearbox driveshaft won't, because it's about as thick as a halfshaft :D

The drive doesn't go through any of the planetary gears in high range

what else? locking pin(s)? shouldn't be the casing as the force on everything is much less.

Not starting a will it/won't it argument I'd just like to know what to expect and what will go if I do break it, do you have any info on exactly what problems others have experienced please Jim? if it is just something simple like the locking pins then I might just get some "spares" in.


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Will have to eat a small amount of humble pie here.... :rolleyes:

The problem is not some much the winch being unable to take the high gear pull


After a while the high ratio if not engaged correctly will wear (So i have been told) resulting int he winch jumpimg out of high range.....

And evntually losing the use of high range all together.

The other reason for not using high rnage is that the power is drastilly reduced.

A friend has measured this and the winch stalls in high at 1200kg

This is a properly done test, not a home made rig.

So, Yes, Stephen it is possible to have to double line the MM in high range, but the advice is use low range for all pulls and high for cable recovery.

Hope that clears up a few things.

Sorry the reply was not sooner

Jim :)

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Thanks Jim

I have noticed that to get the gear pins to engage you sometimes need to give the cable a tug (or put your hand on the drum and move it back and forth a bit/press the controller button) to get the operating lever to click to go fully home, so I can see how it could happen - also having been into the guts of the gearbox I know which bit must wear - it'll be the plate on the end of the gearbox with a splined hole in it that engages with the drive shaft, I guess if only half engaged it would be over-stressed.

I'll be careful and thanks for the info :)

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I'll be careful

Er yeah right, not your strongest character trait looking at the "Carefulness" you have loving poured onto The Golden KittyGrip No 2 :P

Hate to see what might do if you were say "Cavalier" or even "Not particularly careful", and as for if you just "went for it and S@d the consequences " I just shudder to think mi7.gif

Nige :ph34r:

GKG NO 2 RIP "You did yer best" :(

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Nowt wrong with KG2

I used it for the recovery in the above photos as it happens and it worked perfectly :)

It's just had a mild restyle. Round bolt holes the right size for the bolts are just soooo last year :lol:

I didn't get round to trying the modifications I emailed you about as I managed to get stuck twice on Sunday and after that I had expended far too much energy to do any serious experiments so it'll have to wait for another day :unsure:

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