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300 Tdi 90 Brakes


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My mate has a problem that his rear wheels wont even lock up when on grass.

The landrover is a early 300 tdi 90.

The rear discs were changed and good quality brake pads were fitted all round.

We have tried changing the brake bias valve for a new one and this did not alter the situation at all.

The brakes bleed easily without any problems so I dont think there is anything wrong with the pipes.

The rear calipers are in good condition and push back easily, the wheels will lock if they are in the air.

As far as I can see the next step is to change the brake master cylinder.

Has anybody got any other ideas that I might of missed?

Has anyone else had similar problems?

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I'd try clamping the front flexies as suggested.

or try swapping the lines coming out of the master cylinder - since the front's seem to work.

If this does not help, look to see which type of balencing valve you have.

There is one type which bolts to the chassis and another which bolts through the drivers footwell.

The latter type are prone to jamming - even when new. They operate when there is a pressure loss in either the front or rear - a shuttle moves to seal off whichever line has the lower pressure.

Sometimes bleeding, particularly with an 'easybleed' is enough to cause this problem.

You can un-screw the ends of the valve & poke the shuttle back to the middle to fix it.

The type which bolts to the chassis is much better (it has a shuttle which moves forward by it's momentum on braking, increasing the pressure to the front). These can jam too - tapping with a hammer often fixes.


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