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The Quantocks Wrecked My Car


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Well a gentle laning day, or so I was told....

we drove a new set of lanes yesterday and the trees are fighting back, no overgrowth just bloomin narrow

made worse if you have any suspension lift..



I thinks a new roof and a cage remodel isn't far off..

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ditto, Tim and my vehicle from last thur!

both have some nice dents and scrathes down the sides, roll cage held back a wall nicely ( no damage though) and Tim lost his NS mud guard (again i think)

Rangies are def too wide for these exmoor lanes was one conclusion.

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I went to drive an old favourite of mine on Saturday - a little UCR that's a bit close but not too bad, as I was driving up the river, a new branch smashed off the whole of my O/S mirror! Words were spoken as this was my last spare jen - ewe-wine lecct RaRo item, so after the MOT (with a borrowed one) it's on with the defender items...

What with a smashed wheel rim, torn gutter, three punctures/wrecked tyres, smashed head light/indicator, broken CB aerial and bent diff guard; the lanes are fighting back this year. Mind you so far this year I have driven almost 4,000 off road miles so all in all that's not bad.

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I had a new windscreen fitted today after one of Tony's "Easy" lanes pushed the snorkel through the last one after the party last Sunday. As I reversed off the offending tree another one broke the NSR tail light. :(:angry: The screen was new after a branch poked through the screen a month or so ago when exploring a south Devon UCR while on hols with sandbag.

Exmoor wrecked my car again.


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