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Interior light switch wiring

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I am after some wisdom on the correct wiring to the back of a Defender interior light switch (PRC7371). Its the 2 position model controlling the interior light and the instrument cluster light

I have the following wiring from the loom

Purple/blue door switches to grd

purple 12v live


And then the new light cabling which is an LED strip with a +ve and an earth.

So the basic question is how to correctly wire this up to the unit shown below ??

The front and back of the switch looks like this



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western    211

purple/white trace from switch to interior light +ve connection
plain purple is the permanent 12v feed shares with clock if fitted.
plain red from fusebox & sidelight warning light in dash panel
red/white trace to instrument lighting

with switch top in the interior light should be on
switch in centre position interior light off
switch bottom in gauge lights off.

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gavinl    0

On the door pillar the interior light switch switch, on the driver's side, has a black wire and a purple/black wire. There is no contiuity to earth for the black wire and the purple/black wire vanishes.

1. Please can somebody tell me where these two wires come out of the door pillar?

2. Where does the light switch on the passenger side wire go to?

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rudd86    0

im having this exact problem today, I popped the interior light switch out as I have no interior light, and no instrument illumination.(its been like this since I bought it. the wiring is a real mess.)

on mine there is no plug to go onto the back of the interior light switch/instrument lights. can only find a purple and white wire from the interior lamp back to the switch area with a bullet type connector on it...

anyone have a bulkhead wiring diagram for an E reg 90?

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