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New euro torch for welder


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My SIP TurboMig 170 has had a hard two years fabbing MogLite

The Euro torch is now chewy, and the earth clamp has lost the will to live almost completely.

Consumables for the SIP torch are expensive, so I was thinking about a new 4m torch.

Most of the stuff I do - is 2mm -6mm steel

Would this be a good bet eBay

Is the MB15 tip fine ? Or do I need I to look for the (I assume) larger MB25

Binzel - tweco - I'm confused.

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Binzel or Tweco type refers to the tip type - pretty much of a muchness

MB15 is ok however you trade off being able to probe (fnarr) smaller openings with the fact the gun cant handle high currents (lower number = lower duty cycle) and is likely to clog faster (get a tub of tip dip) and any spatter will disrupt the gas flow to a greater extent

one of those pay for what you get jobs Im afraid Andy - you have to make the decision how much you are likely to use it over the purchase price - if you want tough groovey and almost indestructable then you need Barnard, the £29 jobbies (I very much doubt) will have any serviceable parts - if you pay a little bit more then you can get replacement triggers/shrouds/insulators etc

HTH ? :)

Hobnobs have now been eaten - cheers :D

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