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Which winch !!!!! Gigglepin vs red winch !&#33


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I did expect a video of the PTO in action :blink:

Have been using PTO Koenig winches since 1992, and now have a 9:1 like Daans. Diff is 4,75:1

Here is a video of my 19 year old daughter winching up in 1.gear.


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Or you could go DIY and get something even faster

Hi Søren

That is very true.

But as I remember, you have said earlier that you (or Rasmus) are not going to make them anymore, whereas the other winches mentioned here come straight off the shelf.

See you soon


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Hej Lars

Its my Hybrid with parts from Range Rover Defender Discovery Light Weight.

Range Rover Chassis.

Discovery axles.

Defender steering column and other bits

Light Weight body.

First of the plan was as 200 TDI Chargecooled with manuel - got the parts and made the build around this ......

ButmI have regreted this several times as I do mis ny old V8, so recently I changed direction and is now going RV8 3.9 and LT85 (need to find one) and then one of your winches.

Right now I need to figure what kind of RV8 I've got ?


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