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Rusty bull bar

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My bull bar is really rusty and moisture has seeped under the plastic coating which is only going to make matters worse. Is there a good way of removing the coating - I was thinking about using a blowtorch...

Once clean, I was going to spray with red oxide paint and then black metal paint (and probably Waxoyl the back of it too).

Same goes for the front bumper...

Any pointers on what best to do or should I just buy a new one?

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I'm sure Geoff had a similar project a while ago so may be worth a search on the International or Range Rover Forums.

I suspect that if you blow torch the plastic coating it is likely to go molten and then very "burnt toffee" but not actually come off. Shot blasting is probably the best way forward and if you get the right one, they will powder coat for you as well which will last much longer. :)

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Guest diesel_jim

My BRB bar was powder coated, i wanted it re-done, so took it to be shot blasted. the blaster wouldn't even budge it, so the chap said "butn it a bit", o got the oxy torch and went tight over it. not much, just enought to make the coating "bubble" a bit.

when i took it back the blasting stuff took it right off first time.

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