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I have a quandry.

I have let my GLASS membership slide this year (as well as resigning from Devon Rep after a two year tenure). I have decided that niether CRAG nor GLASS will see me as a member in the near future as I am happier with my TRF membership and my Ramblers Association membership.

I am paid up again with Shire - one of the best 4x4 clubs in the UK

However I want to go back into RTV trialling this coming season and I fancy doing a bit of marshaling again.

So who do I join?

EDORC don't allow a vehicle with no cage

Cornwall and Devon are an ARC club so I am stuffed there - same goes for S&W

I left the AWDC a few years back after the deliberate breaking of the club charter at the AGM - however, I was a member for many many years before that and my mum was one of the very earliest of members back in the late 60's, so I am tempted. Is it worth 30 quid though?

SCOR... Was a member for a while but only for the Ebble Valley Trail. What is there RTV like?

Who else is there?

Suggestions please

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AWDC Gets my vote

All clubs go through sticky patches, AWDC was no execption a few years back, many due to a few 'Gits' and 'private agendas' and 'politics'.

All of this has now gone,... with the "Hard Core" individuals in the AWDC who are the life blood and the committee and mainstay 'helpers' its a far far friendlier place and generally "Nice" club nice officals etc.

Think about it ?...No Neil Whitford = No Challenge series and no mag, (if he now can still fit though the forum door :P, Toby Cox chairman and from what I have seen anti politics and stupidity pro the club and members, Robbo aliperti scrutineer who has been AWDC for years and years and years and is vfery helpful if you ask nicely, (mind you muck him about and yikes !), Glenn Bagkley real hard worker for members on RTVs, Robin Izzard, wonder if he ever doesn't go to an event, another stalwart and nice guy, Brian Dungy, Dave Knight and Tim Phelps all 4wd enthusiasts......(sorry if I have missed anyone)

Worth another punt IMHO, some of the stalwarts who got the huff and left have returned now too

A Club is only as good as its members and officals and the ability to work as a team, IMHO AWDC shows many the way


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I have never been to a RTV with SCOR but I have been a member for some years and do Comp with them from time to time...

The RTV's are suffering from low attendance but they do still run them and you don't need a cage till you move up through the classes.

If thats any help

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