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Range Rover Classic - Brake Question

orange rover

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in the last competition a branch ripped out one of the front brake hoses. i then had no brakes whatsoever,pedal went straight to the floor. my question now, afak there is a second circuit, so if one fails there should be some breaking left, but since there wasn't which part should i replace in order to have the second circuit working if it happens again?



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you only have the 2nd circut till you run out of fluid.

ive got a feeling the 2nd circut does only the front brakes, so a leak there will result in total failure anyway.

i think i remember reading somewhere that the 2nd circuit would only actuate one set of pistoins in the front caliper. and that there was some kind of mechanism that would prevent the loss of brake fluid from the 2nd circuit?

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i think the fluid pickup for the 2nd circut is lower in the resivour. however if the leak was in the 2nd circut you'd still loose all the brakes wouldnt you?

gonna check my disco manual now, must be much the same system on an early disco as a RRC?

edited - doesnt say how i works, just that there are two circuts

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