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Its a 1992 200TDI 90, position 1 on main switch the parking/side lights work fine, but on position 2 on the main switch nothing, No dips or main beams but when you pull the stalk back to flash the lights the mains work.

Main light switch checked with a multi-meter and working, Indicator/headlamp switch checked and working and all the fuses are ok

Any ideas ?

Is there a relay in the lighting circuit ?

I seem to remember in an 1987 110 there was a relay or something in behind the binnacle ?

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headlight relay behind fusebox metal panel look for blue/red & blue/white wires, could be a duff switch if the switch gets to hot the plastic softens & dip beam contact sinks in to the switch body, moving it away from the contact arm.

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I had this problem the other night. It was the switch at fault. I too could only get sidelights after moving switch to position 2 then back to 1. fueses and relays were good, and so were the bulbs and could get main beam on the headlamp flash.

One trip on the back of a flatbed amd a new switch! sorted!

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@ western, behind the fusebox metal panel in front of the gear lever, there are only 2 relays: No:1 is for wiper delay, No:2 is for the hazards.

Under the metal panel there are 3 yellow relay plug in bases, there empty.

@ Landy'd Gentry, thats very interesting, which switch to be sure, is it the Main light switch (position 1 parks, position 2 dip/main) or the Indicator/headlamp switch ?

I will have to do more checks tomorrow, i was getting cold and pi$$ed off so left it for the night.

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surprised there isn't the start or headlight relays in there, workshop manual gives a list of relays/positions in the electrical section, I'll add it here tomorrow.

relay location list as promised for all 90/110 inc 200tdi vehicles


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Nope only the 2 relays in there. Tried the power switch earlier, even removed and bridged connection with wire. Power out one connection parks come on, power out other connection nothing, so main switch seems to be ok. Next it seems is a multi meter and check power IN and power OUT of indicator/dip switch, if that's ok then fuses and connections then blubs ???

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Yup, switch contacts melted due to ident spring/s being weak and allowing the switch to spark between positions 1 and 2 causing a heat buildup. Mo knows this as he fried the switch in my 110 half way through Spain headed for Morocco a few years ago... A quick fix was made with bullet connectors.


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Nope not the switch, oh Jesus lads sorry but this is long but i hope it helps someone sometime,

At this point i should tell you that this is NOT my Landrover, the owner (new to Landrovers and has this 90 about 2 months) was put on to me by a friend because i have Landrovers and i might have an idea how to make the lights work.

The owner rang me about a week ago that the lights dips/mains were not working and what could he do, i told him to check: 1. The fuses, 2. The switches and 3. The bulbs.

The next phone call came 3-4 days after, and goes the LR "just stopped" it turns out the timing belt had broken. This is when i took over and i recovered it and replaced the timing belt, push rods etc and now its up and running again, It was time to tackle the electric's oh joy.

Now the owner had tried to FIX the electrics himself !!!

The inside looked like someone tried to hot wire it, plastic covers gone off the steering column and wires and switches hanging down, the cover gone of the fuse box you know the scene.

The vehicle is a 1992 200TDI 90, and I was using a 1994 300TDI 110 as a reference.

After a lot of tracing, multi-metering and reading LR wiring schematics heres what i found.

300TDI 110, had a relay box behind the binnacle, when disconnected parks worked but NO dims or headlights.

200TDI 90, had no relay behind binnacle, but when i fitted one NO dip/heads worked but did make an unhappy noise, so removed it.

300TDI 110, has 2 relays behind fusebox metal panel, No:1 is for wiper delay, No:2 is for the hazards,

200TDI 90, has 2 relays behind fusebox metal panel, No:1 is for wiper delay, No:2 is for the hazards.

300TDI 110, under the metal fuse panel there are 3 relay plug in bases, from Left to Right: 2 Yellow and 1 Green, there empty,

200TDI 90, under the metal fuse panel there are 3 relay plug in bases, from Left to Right: 2 Yellow and 1 Green, there empty.

I HAD power coming into the Main Switch and going out both connections, 1. Parks, 2. main/dips but,

I had NO power going into Indicator/Dip switch, but if i connected 12V here the Dip/Mains worked.

I had to find where the power went from the Main Switch and why i had nothing coming back into indicator/dip switch ?

This is where a lot of time was spent tracing wires, and if you thought the inside looked bad earlier you should see it now.


It turns out there should be a relay fitted into the 2nd from the left Yellow relay base, this only allows the dips/mains to work when the ignition is turned on.

WTF did its own relay go ? fu#k knows, a few questions will be asked. But the funny thing is and what threw me off a little, is all 3 relay bases looked the same ie: same dust/dirt on them, not like anything had been plugged into any of them.

So was there a relay fitted or had someone in its past life removed it and bridged the connections with a piece of wire ?

Moral of the story Landrover's are different, even if they came of the production line together they probably would be different !

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