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Bobtailled Range Rover Rear Winch cradle & fuel tank


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As my time (to me) is cheap and my wallet empty, I have been playing around with ideas (on paper only) for a rear winch cradle.

This is what I have in mind. I have done no numbers yet not even done an FE model :blink::o as work too busy and only CAD at home :( .


In principle I think it should work pretty well. The idea is to cut out the rear chassis cross member and weld in the cradle as a pseudo replacement. It wont offer the same torsional stiffness to the chassis rails as the cross member would but as the rails are 15" shorter than they used to be I don't see this as much of a problem.

I have to mount the cradle this far forward to keep the winch as high as possible without fouling the rear body cross member. This poses a problem as the distance from the winchplate to the fairlead (Which will be on a new RHS bumper) means that there is a real possibility of the plasma fouling on the lower lip of the "letterbox". If I cut the letterbox deeper I weaken the cradle. I could stiffen it locally but that means more fab and more cost / complexity / things to go wrong and not fit! The only simple answer I can think of is mounting a second fairlead in the "normal" position, but that seems like a bit of a waste to me..

This is what the cradle looks like in CAD:


The other thing I have been investigating is a fuel tank that sits snugly around the wheelarch and frees up some space in the back.

This one is about 17gallons. Obviously fittings have been omitted coz I coundn't be arsed to draw them for clarity! Not totally sure on the radius of the arch but I can fettle that later on.


Yes I know I haven't drawn all the plates, but you get the picture. :P

Whaddya think? and more importantly, who can make these for me :lol::hysterical::hysterical:

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