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value of xs leather Steering wheel


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cheers all

I guess it will go to Ebay

£125 seems a good price considering what they make

the Momo is just smaller that's why we are changing it


who in there right mind would pay £125 for a land rover steering wheel ? i fitted a leather range rover item, instead of the old 4 spoke..cost me a fiver !

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looks MUCH better with the flat center, that was the bit i really didnt like.

nice cab, wish i had that many screens/toys/buttons to play with. dont need them but it looks great :D

I think so too Andy, I don't crash my forearm into the centre pad now when spinning the wheel, the big pad was a bit of a pain. :)

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Result - well done!

For the past few weeks I've been looking for a mantec snorkel and bid on a few that have come up, but they've all gone for 90 pounds plus. One that was covered in oil, going by pics, and no mounting bolts or gaskets went for 95 pounds. So went and ordered a new one.


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