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BobTail Piccies at last!


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A few months ago with the help of my good buddie and mentor, Nick 'RogueVogue' Watts, we took this perfectly good 1991 Range Rover Classic 3.9 Vogue SE...



..and started to do this to it:



A 15" gap appeared in the back of my car..


..and it ended up like this:


So we thought we'd better stick it back together again..


..and made sure the spare wheel still fitted inside. It is a Range Rover after all. The spare belongs inside!


On went the new rear cross member..


..and the roof.


Then we fitted the new rear winch bumper, designed for an EP9 SuperWinch. The space taken up by the spare wheel and the winch is where the fuel tank used to live. Very neat!


Side view with exhaust exit hole in bumper.


Wheel tray in place. Tailgate hinges welded onto cross member, and fuel tank paraphenalia in situ. No - we hadn't forgotton the fuel tank! Note the removable winch tray...


Inner panel fitted with fuel filler assembly.


The fuel tank! It fits nicely between the rear seats (Yes - I did keep them!) and the spare wheel tray, and remarkably has a bigger capacity than the original. 96 litre tank compared to the 88 litre standard tank.



We made use of the original fuel sender/pump. It really did turn out to be a plug & play fuel tank swap!


Spare wheel in situ.


To be continued....

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Some interesting ideas there. Like the re-use of the fuel sender.

Good idea to completely replace the chassis rails too. Should have done that with mine but didn't :( . Still got bendy bits that are a pain to deal with. What did you do with the rear body mounts?

With the winch bumper there does the tailgate still open fully?

I think I might have to comission Mr RV myself...... <_<

More piccies required!!

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What did you do with the rear body mounts?

With the winch bumper there does the tailgate still open fully?

The rear end had a few corrosion issues so we removed the original body cross member allong with the remains of the body mounts. We replaced it with a length of 60x30x2 ERW tube and welded it directly onto the new chassis rail sections.

The rear winch mount is so designed that the tailgate will open fully with a low mount winch installed, it is within the overall length that the rear bumper used to occupy but is slightly deeper.

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Last few piccies for now:

Interior mainly finished now. Fuel tank plumbed in with breather going up into roof lining and over the top. Car started first time after priming the tank, but what a racket without the exhaust! :D Note the discoloured fuel from the penetrating die Nick used to leak test the tank.


Tailgates and shortened rear-quarter panels...


..with plenty of clearance between lower tailgate and winch area, as Nick's already pointed out.


Fuel filler in finished side panel.


Winch mounting backet in place, with opening for access to free-spool mechanism.


Nearly done!


Still to do list:

- Prep for MOT, including final check on electrics and fit modified exhaust.

- Clean and paint underside.

- Fit front 8274. (Rear winch will have to wait for finance).

You'll be able to the (probably un-painted) result at FSWC3!

Thanks again to Nick, without whom this would still be a rusting jigsaw strewn around the garage. B)

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Wow, what a n excellent job you are doing. Quality of work is brilliant. Just one thing, you may have overlooked. Where do the golf clubs fit?

I didn't overlook load space for sports equipment. I can fit at least two sets of darts in the back! :lol:

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