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What does "PR2" stand for with Timken bearings?

I'm thinking "Product Reject 2" ...be passed on to the unsuspecting consumer. <_<:rofl:

No real idea to be honest, but I see several sites carry this as a part of the selection of Timken bearings.


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If it's supplied by Allmakes, then the PR2 means it's from their "Premium" range and in their view is therefore is less likely to be carp.

Example here: http://www.lrdirect....ds/?sfi=stc4382

That was one of the sites I saw the reference of PR2.

I realize and use quality bearings from Timken, but wasn't sure what the PR2 stood for as it was the first time I saw it. Maybe the above reply has answered it. Thanks.

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I think with PR2 you know at least what brand the part is, whereas their cheaper stuff could be from anywhere. In this case at least knowing its Timken means it should be good quality.

More on their site: http://www.allmakes4x4.com/pr2

I've found the cheapest place for Timken bearings is shop4autoparts at £9: http://www.shop4autoparts.net/Defender/Axle/Drive-Shafts,Hubs-&-Swivels/stc4382g-bearing-hub-timken.html

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