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CV Joint Scrap?

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Good Morning Chaps!

I'm currently rebuilding both swivels on my 90 and this morning I'm continuing with cleaning/inspecting everything and I have found some play in the CV/half shaft. The play is when I grip either end and try to rotate in different directions.

The movement is between the two parts arrowed, and is ever so slight. The balls & tracks look fine from what I can see.

I'm hoping to pick up all the parts I need this afternoon and then crack on with the rebuild, so would really appreciate some feedback.




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From memory the part under the right arrow is not fixed to the shaft and and move up and down the shaft.

If it is worn then it might be possible for it to be replaced.

I've also has CV's remanufacturer by Ashcrofts when they have worn, so speak to Ashcrofts is the best answer.

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Thanks Zardos - if no one else can offer any advice on here I might well give them a call.

One other thing, upon closer inspection there appears to be some wear on the spines at the diff end of the shafts. Is this something I should be concerned about?




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Thanks Ross.

Well, they're going back in like that then! In fact, one of them is already back where it belongs! I Got the parts this afternoon to rebuild the swivels and managed to get one side done.

Seems there is a lot of confusion over the torque of the swivel pin bolts? What figures do people generally use? I did the bottoms 25NM and the top (railko) 50NM, as per this piece of advice found on another forum:

"The Land Rover workshop manual gives 78Nm for both the top and bottom swivel pin bolts, now both these seem excessive, particularly for the lower bolt which is 8mm. The bottom bolt is grade 8.8, so I'd guess around 25Nm would be better. The top bolt (10mm) is rusty so I cannot see the grade, if it were 8.8 I'd go for 50Nm."

Makes sense to me and at 50NM the top pin bolts felt 'right'...

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