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8274 brake rebuild


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the three that go on the brake shaft that is.

Which way round do they go

Dome part towards the centre of the winch or towards the outside.

I am assuming the dome part to be the highest bit if they were placed on a flat surface.

i think its dome towards the outside so that the circlip then pushes on the shims to apply extra force to the brake, the dome acting as a spring although it makes it harder to get the circlip in this way. i tried this way and watched the whole lot fly across the garage when tension was applied.

with the dome towards the centre the outer edge of the dome then holds the circlip in place. this hasn't come apart by tensioning the hook onto the bumper (unlike above) but i think its the wrong way around!

so which way do they go?

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Can not understand........... Shims????

Later ones have 3 'shims' that fit on the brake shaft before the circlip, unlike yours and mine which is the earlier design. The later one with the 'shims' also has a smaller OD end on the brake shaft and take a smaller circlip.

The 'shims' are item number 50 spring disc x3 as listed in your second link.

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