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my 90 has taken to making a real big bang when i have the truck on full lock and am moving slowly, although sometimes even if it isnt on full lock it makes the bang. It is like something has got stuck underneath and jumps back into place.

I have changed the track rod as the old one was bent and have realigned the wheels pretty well, and the rod slides through the guide under the front axle and there isnt any rubbing on it.

Any ideas what it could be?

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Usual opinion would be if it happens at full lock the CV's are suspect.

worth checking the diff lock, sounds stupid, but if you have that in then wind up will occur and bangs will come in, esp when cornering.

the light for the diff lock might have gone and you still have the lever over.

sounds insulting I know, but better checking the simple stuff than stripping the CVs out to look at them.

If it is the CVs then AFAIK you just have to take it/them out and see if they are bad, not much else to check.

you might try jacking each front wheel and spinning while on lock to see if you feel any problems

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