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Dissection of a Britpart fuel pump (TDi)

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I recently had a Britpart fuel pump fail on me. Interested to what I would find inside, I decided to cut it apart. This is what I found.




I was actually quite surprised. The general quality of construction is quite reasonable. The rubber in the diaphragm and valves is of good quality.

However, what caused it to fail was the filter on the inlet clogging up. I have come across TDi fuel pumps with a removable cover that houses an inlet filter. This one was not removable so you cannot clean it without cutting the pump open.

So my conclusion: Sure, use a Britpart fuel pump, but fit something like this on the inlet to keep the internal filter clean.

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I am pleased, at least this was not the usual BP killing type post.

Good thinking to fit the in-line filter, consider it just good practice myself and have them on pretty much everything round here, even the pipe from the central heating oil tank has one now, due changed soon too, unbelievably dirty central heating oil!!!

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I find it very intersting that Land Rover fit a water trap to the Discovery but not the Defender.

A water trap wpould have stopped that.

Landrover may have fitted one to my D1, but the previous owners deemed it unnecessary and removed the bugger!

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i run my defender on veg oil and i have fitted a clear plastic water trap/sedimentor to the fuel line on the chassis.i have repiped it all and as the fuel tank was leaking anyway fitted a new tank.even with settling and multi stage filtering i am amazed what i find in the sedimentor.i drain it about once every 2 months.that black stuff in the photos looks nasty.is it fungal growth?i have a lift pump with a removeable top filter part and also clean that when i remember.just as an afterthought when i fitted my new tank i had problems with air being drawn in at the plastic joint on the sender/fuel pick up where there is an olive joint.there is a push in plastic part that is supposed to be glued/sealed to the unit.i bought mine from premier supply in guildford and it was no good and the guage stopped working after about a week.took it out thing had fallen to pieces went back got another one took it out of box same again.very helpful parts man said there was a solid metal one fitted to earlier models got one of them its ok but guage is a bit erratic.they are not the best quality but they are cheap and dont suck in air.when it is warmer next year i will fish it out and resolder the joints as that was what was wrong with the other ones.hope this helps steve.

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