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Dico 1 300 Tdi brittle Centre Dash Section repair

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Having removed the centre section of my '96 Disco 1's centre dash section, and noticing with concern the deterioation of the 4 mounting lugs holding in place the fan/ac panel, and the centre strip below the radio, I made a plan, I replaced the broken lugs with sleel lugs, rivited to the side of the opening, and installed steel plated, bent over the section with the mounting holes on the strip below the radio.

It works like a dream, no more squeks from behind the dash, and no more grumbles from the driver!


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I agree - good pics!

Had to fight the radio fitment in ours and there pretty well nothing left of where it fits to hang onto - bits broken here and there. :wacko:

A previous someone was very heavy handed as it seems like there's loads of bits broken heater control and dash fixings to contend with at some futiure date!! :o

You idea may well come in very handy - thanks for posting! ;)

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