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P38 Air Con


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Hi Guys

I need to tap into your brains

I have a P38 that has had loads of air con issues, that have been sorted except one

The passenger side footwell gets wet after the air con has been on for a while, I thought it must be the drain tube on that side blocked,

I runs out of the heating duct above where the daignostic plug is

I have been underneath and cleared the bottom of the tube, and have taken the tube off inside and a old type fuse dropped out!!!!

Guessing that was the problem put it all back together happy,

Now i used the air con for the fist time today and guess what

Yep the footwell is getting wet again!!!

It does look like the the pipe goes through a sharp angle, so i reckon someone had wedged a fuse in to keep the tube open

Any ideas or tips to sort the problem? :D

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"Any ideas or tips ..."

Not really. At least, not based on any experience similar to yours.

Having cleared the gunge from the bottom of the tubes, before they got totally blocked, I've never had a problem since, and that's at least 5 years. However, I do use the Air Conn all the time, and on lowish temperature settings, so there is an almost constant flow of condensate washing the muck out.

My thoughts are that the pipe, if run correctly, shouldn't be kinked. Look into why it is, and see if you can engineer a straighter route.


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That's a good point, ph test should tell you if you can't get access to coolant test equipment.

There is no gaurantee though unless you are sure that the engine has been kept topped up with anti freeze.

You would think that an quantity of water like that would show up as a loss at the header tank though.

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Right, Fixed it!!!!

Had a mess around with the drain hose and I found that it was pushed too far onto the plastic tube, and it created a kink in the top of it, pulled it down a bit and the water began to flow out of the rubber nipple

Yes it was definately condensate as its was clear and the header tank does not need topping up

Thanks for the advise though

Pete :D:D

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