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Rangie V8 automatic conversion --> 300TDI

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Is it possible to use a Rangie Automatic transmission on a 300 TDI (manual)

If yes.. what special parts do I need for this conversion?



Id give ashcroft transmissions a ring, I wanted to do same, he suggested I got hold of a Disco setup to keep all gearing in right places...

Im sure it could be done, Ive a rangie V8EFi auto in my 90, but the top end lacks a bit..

If ever I find a 300Tdi auto, then its engine.gearbox.transfer box etc are going into the90, but thats another story...

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You can not use the petrol auto box with the 300tdi or visa versa. The valve body in the box is set up different.

I just did the conversion from v8 with auto to 300tdi with auto to my 110.

I found a 300tdi disco with auto to use as a donor. This is your best bet as you get most of the parts you need.

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I have done some work on a rangie with a 300 against a 3.5efi box. Apart from the shift points being diffrent which can be over come. :D The main breakage was V8 Flex plates were eaten at a rate of 2 in 2000 miles :angry: . a much stronger home brew version was machined up, and motor moved on...... Before anything else broke :ph34r:

I would stick with a 100% transplant (Engine and Box). and perhaps de-electronic the TDI in the process.

Hope that helps.


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