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Hydraulic in cab contols


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You once had a Hydraulic valve for sale.


I have one of the old school ones fitted to my ex-utility 110. The incab controls don't work, but the valve on the wing does. The red cable is my incab, and the valve is mounted on the wing. My red cable is a litte loose and the valve, but it doesn't appear to want to tighten. I just wondered how the red cable worked in this unit, so I could try and repair it on mine.

Does anyone else know, I guess it'a just a shuttle type cable. Any one else have the superwinch 525 hydraulic setup?

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The Red cable levery thing in the cab is a "Bowden Cable", which as the name suggests is a cable.

This is connected into the back of the main on off on Spool box port, and as the mount in the cab has a pivot as you pull down or up the port is opened one way of the other. letting go of the bowden lever has the same effect as letting go of the lever on the wing - goes to neuratl.

Could be something as simple as having been disconnected at the port end (many were), or cable broken internally, spares are available from Superwinch


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Hey BB,

if you are still coming to mine for the Landrover party then i have all the parts you need to replace the whole lot if you are interested- i can't use them as one of the ports is wrong!



How many Landy's are due to be fixed at yours?!!! If you could have a quick look and see what you think. Don't use it that much but would be nice to get it working properly. I'm thinking the main liver is actually quite stiff and does not return to neutral, so there is probably a failure some where from over stressting the bowden cable.

Cheers both of you for your help.

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