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Peterborough LR Fest


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Well, I'm glad I only had to travel 10 minutes to get there, but disappointed at paying £10 to get in - I know it's never really been up there with the other annual shows, but this was the worst year yet.

A good number of 'jumble'/breakers stalls, but the trade stalls were very thin on the ground. Not a patch on the couple of years that they held one of the 'comics' shows there before moving it to Malvern.

Even the display area was moved from the main stadium (with seating), to a spare bit of the showground (makes me think they did this to make the show 'look' bigger than it was).

Don't think I'll bother next year, even if it IS on my doorstep.

Disappointed Dunk :(

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I don't think you are alone in feeling that way .....

A number of fellow traders spoke to me over the weekend and all are of the same thinking. There is little hope of making a realistic profit at the Shows any more.

I remember when doing a couple of Shows each year paid for me and the family to go away for a fortnight. Now you actually have to put the losses made attending the shows down to advertising budget!!

Too many shows that are all the same has just watered down the whole scene. Traders are now habd picking the few shows they will do rather than everyone going to them and making them worthwhile.

If the shows were in any way different to each other then there might be room for all of them but they are all the same with only tens of miles betwen them and the trade / piblic are drifting away.

Sorry you feel miffed ( I actually did OK with my trade stand ) but take consolation in the fact that you are not alone and the worm must surely soon turn!!



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There seemed to be more folks around on the Sunday and the jumble was perhaps a bit bigger than when LRO was still running it. Didn't see much of what was going on in the arena although I did stop to watch the guy with the owl & hawks as they're one of my 'things' .....I suppose stunt mountain bikes are jut as much other peoples thing too.

There are just so many Land Rover shows these days, not at all like what it was like back in the dim distant past when I bought my first one and it's become very hard for organisers to come up with something fresh each time - especially for old farts like me :lol:;)

PS: David, I stopped to say hello but as you were busy chatting and my belly needed filling I didn't hang around :D

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Glad we didn't go now!

I think next year, the only shows X-Eng will be attending will be:

Donnington (Feb) - Thought this was bloody good. Unusual mix of traders

Sodbury (March) - Always good and low cost to trade

Billing (July) - Not as good this year because of the weather, but very worthwhile

LRO (Aug) - Lousy for us because of poor location. Give it one more go next year

Sodbury (Oct) - As above.

Eastnor this year was poor. Terrible layout and comical car parking (on the other side of a mountain!).

LRO was lousy from a takings point of view - but other traders had a good weekend so maybe it's worth another shot. Even if I don't go as a trader - I'll go as a myself. I had a brilliant time (mostly thanks to the Shire Club and Chris W)

This year, the remaining ones I've signed up for are Abbingdon and the London to Brighton thing. The latter because it's very close. Do't think I'll bother with as many of the smaller shows next year unless they are on my doorstep.


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