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bigger intercooler.......at 165000miles....???


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You'll have to tweek the fueling on the injector pump if you fit a larger intercooler otherwise there isn't much point in fitting it, you'll be running lean. ;)

If the engine is sound then you shouldn't have any problems.

Mine is now on 170k and running sweet with a larger intercooler and pump tweeks, it had 120k on the clock when the intercooler was fitted.

You may find that cleaning the inside of the OE intercooler and turning the diaphram on top of the injector pump through 90 degrees will be all you need. If your only looking for a little extra then it's worth a try + it won't put any extra stress on the motor and you can save your money for other toys. :D

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cheers chaps,

I was going to tweak the pump a little, didn't see the point of a bigger intercooler with no tweak!

Just wondered if I was pushing my luck with the milage.? I know its not a lot of miles for a tdi, but I don't hear much of modified tdi's with high miles thats all, mostly just standard ones.

Jas <_<

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I did to my 200tdi at 180k along with a turbo and pump tweak

Two days later the turbo to manifold gasket blew and a week later the head gasket failed :angry:

In al honesty they must have been on the way out anyway.

Been absolutely fine since and it's two years and many more miles on.



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I know nothing about agas diesels but sods law is that you'll spend money on an upgrade then something will break... I'd look very carefully at making sure averything else is in good nick before uprating the intercooler. You'd be amazed at the difference a good service can make.

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guys, is it a black art tweaking the fuel pump or do you have some sensible (rule of thumb) way of gradually getting it to the right point?

How do you know when you have it sweet?

If there is already a technical thread explaining this I apologise.



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All explained: http://dodgeram.org/tech/dsl/more_power/Power_ve.htm :D

Read the whole article and take note of the warning!!

Like I said above, do it in stages and make a note of what you've done so you can put it back again!

I would start with the diaphram, turn through 90 degrees, and see how it drives. That maybe all you need. ;)

If you start messing with the smoke screw & star wheel then keep an eye out for black smoke from the exhaust. That's un-burnt (wasted) fuel so what ever you did needs to backing off a wee bit.

If you're not 100% with doing it yourself then you're better off taking it to a diesel specialist and letting them do it for you.

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