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Disco Td5 Tight Gear Lever?

Terra Dog

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Hi All. Something I have noticed with my Td5 52 plate discovery is that when going distance (25 miles) on the motorway at between 60 and 70 mph. When I pull up or start driving on side roads the gear lever is stiff going left to right in nuetral. Almost as if the spring which centres the lever has fallen off. But when the car cools down for a day it becomes springy again and centres as normal.

I had the oil changed in the gearbox a couple of months ago and i'm sure this cured it for a short while, but am not 100%.

Any ideas what it could be?



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Lifted this from Ashcrofts website. After a long run in my Discovery, when the gearbox gets hot, the gear lever becomes stiff when moving from side to side. Why? The nylon cage at the end of the selector rail can swell when hot, and cause friction. To rectify this, the parts needs replacing. Regards, Steve

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Mine did that, right before the gearbox went bang :ph34r: As you said that you have had an oil change that cured it for a while, I'd be thinking there's a problem in the gearbox. If you struggle to get it out of or into gear when after a long run I'd stop immediately and get it looked at. Otherwise there's a lot of noise and your gearbox will most likely be damaged beyond economical repair :(

In my opinion, 25 miles isn't enough to get it that hot, especially this time of year.

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