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Got me a 1983 ranger rover. Any tips on what could be buggered with it / are there any obvious things that go first?

How much does this vehicle relate to a defender, gearbox, transmission etc etc

I am guessing it's a how long is a piece of string question, but I thought to ask.


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Good for you Badger! Not that much different in the mechanical department &, in the early eighties generation, the electics either. In common with all LR products corrosion is by far the biggest concern (though the chassis last much better than Defenders) plus many believe that pre '89 (Disco introduction) RRC's were less prone to the worm that the later model years. I'm on my third (& best) 3.5efi auto & think that if you can stand the running costs they are a lovely old thing to drive, with so-so much less to go wrong & still retain that dignified look that today's 'fashion statements' totally lack. Enjoy!!

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Look closely at the floors (especially the corners of the front fot wells and the boot edges), the sills, wheel arches and body rear cross member (above the chassis rear cross member, supporting the back edge of the boot floor and the D-pillars either side of the tail gate).

Rear suspension A-frame ball joints wear out, making a knock on accelerating and braking. Bushes can perish with age, so look out for bulging, cracking or split bushes.

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