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300tdi P gasket change - suprise.


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How do gentle folk.

I've just replaced the P gasket on the black disco, on pulling all the bits off I was quite suprised to find a metal shim with the remains of some sealant attached to it, but no gasket. the alu face on the punp housing was ok, but the actual engine block there was some evidence of corrosion on the sealing face where water had obviously got trapped under the shim - and thats were i think it had finally failed.

Is that what Land rover did originally? I have noticed with the 300tdi's, compared to the 200's there are a few other ara's where quick gasket is used where on a 200 a paper gasket would have gone... I just found it odd thats all and not perticulally suprised its failed.


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i think im right in saying that the latest gaskets where of the pressed tin variety with a raised centre ridge that is compressed when the bolts are tightened down to make a water tight seal.

These gaskets were an replacement of the old paper sort.

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The shim is the gasket. Think it is the uprated one. If the block surface is corroded then it needs machining (if it is possible) to get a good surface to seal on. I had corrosion on the aluminium face and I milled it clean. End result is no leaks.


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The shim was a shim, so crimps of any sort. - I cleane dup the surfaces as best i could then put a paper/rubber gasket in with a light smear of silicone on both surfaces, will see how it holds out.

Machineing the block isn;t really an option.

Something I did find weird was that the 3 long bolts that go through from the water pump were also quite loose - I'll be keeping an eye out on those.

Its an early disco 1 lump so I had wondered if this was changed out on the later engines. I can see it working for a new engine, but as soon as the sealing faces get any kind of corrosion/roughness then its pretty much useless..

I'm failry confident this will hold, but we'll see.

The Camel (97) has gone too so I'll be interested to see what type of gasket its got.

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