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bottom oil seal on the power steering box leaking


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When I first bought the current 110 well over 10 years ago, it had a major power steering fluid leak from the bottom seal on the power steering box.

As a planned 'short term fix' I added half a cup of brake fluid to the reservoir. Over a period of several weeks the leak slowed and eventually stopped.

It remained leak free for about 8 years. I changed the power steering fluid when it started dripping again and added brake flud again. It has remained largely leak free, but have noticed in the past few winters it starts to drip again. Presumably the rubber of the seal gets a bit stiff and doesn't seal as well. The occasional squirt of brake cleaner around the dust seal area has softened the seal and it stops dripping again.

I can't guarantee it would work on yours and as has been pointed out, the 'best' fix would be to replace the box with a quality new one as this would mean new seals, new bearings and a smooth shaft surface for the seal to run on, there by giving the best chance of a good seal.

Regards, Diff.

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Half a cup or half a cap? Does that mean about 100ml?

Half a cup (approx) so, yes, I guess about 100ml. No guarantees it will work, do it at your own risk etc etc - but it worked for me.

Bear in mind there are 'proper' 'seal swell' 'stop leak' type products on the market for power steering systems, but I have no experience of their effectiveness.



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