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How should I change the body mount bushes on my disco?


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I was under it again tonight whilst welding the chassis back together and noticed the body mount bushes are almost flat at the mount at the back of the sills and the rest on closer inspection are not looking so clever either....

What will be the best way to change these?

Am I going to have to undo them all and jack the body up one side at a time to do them all or is there enough "flex" to jack at the mount to change them?

I know it will never be RR comfy but every little bit helps...

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I've only ever replaced them on a classic RR - but I imagine it's essentially the same!

Undo all the bushes then jack up body next to each bush in turn until you can replace. IIRC it was a fairly quick job and made a huge difference to noise & vibration! It was like a new truck!


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As Simon says its not diffucult - I just slackened off the nearest ones and jacked up with the troley jack and a big lump of wood to spread the load a bit so I didn't dent my new sills - I was able to change the rear crosmemmer ones by using a big lumpof wood as a lever beteween chassis - I just bought new land rover ones off fleabay for a £1 each.


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Ok well I am investing in a cordless rattle gun and impact sockets,lets hope a week soaking in WD40 helps loosen them up, will probably give them a squirt of freeze release too as this is proving its worth too....

Will post how I get on.

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