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ADVENTURE OVERLAND, Stratford, 28-29 Sept 2013

4x4 nut

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Two quick points:- First, I tried to PM either Headhunter or LR4x4 Management to see if it was okay to post about AO`13, but there doesn’t appear to be a way of contacting the Moderators/Management – am I being dense (probably) or does this need to be rectified so Mods are contactable?

Second, should LR4x4 want to have a Club Display Stand at AO`13, you’re most welcome. I realise it’s a ‘forum’ and not a ‘club’ as such, but Club Display Stands are available for forums and groups as well as registered clubs. Basically it's a good way of promoting the forum, plus importantly it's a focal point for the members. Camping is also possible directly behind the actual pitch, thus everyone stays together - great for the communal barbeque! AO'13 is after all a show for "us", thus getting together as many clubs, forums and groups of enthusiasts as possible is the aim. If interested email me on 4x4trading@talk21.com

Cheers, Tom Mc


ADVENTURE OVERLAND … The National 4x4, Bike & Trekking Travel Show

has moved to:-

Stratford Racecourse



CV37 9SE

28-29 September 2013


Having outgrown Whilton Mill Karting Centre, Northants before the inaugural show was even over, the intention was to move next year’s event to Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire.

However, due to other event organisers having recently moved their dates for 2013, Bruntingthorpe is no longer able to accommodate us – hence the permanent move to Stratford Racecourse.

By way of an added bonus …

We are also delighted to announce that Stratford Racecourse has been secured for the next 5 years … and well beyond should we wish! This allows ADVENTURE OVERLAND to not only become a fixed date within the event calendar, but with acres of space available, also grow year on year at it’s new home.

Don’t forget – it’s 50% off camping/day admission advance-booking for AO`13 before end of this month, then 40% off in February … and so on throughout the year.


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