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200tdi wiring

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started re-wiring lately and am strugaling with the main bulkhead loom, my dad stripped the loom at and didnt label anything so not got a clue were most things go, got her started and runnig fine, lights are a bit intermittent, think i have an earth or 2 missing, cant seem to figure out the wiring for the fuel tank sender and the hand brake and gearbox sensor, any pics of all these and of the dash board wiring and were the rear loom connects to the main loom.

also have a gold resistor in the drivers side front wing, what is this for

cheers mike

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gold resistor is part of the dim dip system

most of the plugs/socket will match up just check their wires match & they only fit one way,

sounds like you need a wiring diagram to ident the wires, makes life much easier

what model are we talking about ??

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thank you guys much appritiated, its an l-reg 90 200tdi.

When i bought her the fuel gauge wasnt working but never tried to fix it as i knew i would be stripping it, but once i stripped it i found there were no wires going to the fuel tank sender, were on the main loom do the plug into or do the go straight to the gauge.

cheers mike

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The fuel gauge wires go to the plugs on the chassis part of the loom... have you got a Haynes manual? I find the wireing diagrams in that not bad for traceing stuff.

You'll probably just need to dig aaround till you find the right colours, when you suss out the lucas system its actually quite easy to follow (most of the time).

But i am a bit special I like playing with electrickery.


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so does it connect were the chassis loom connects to the bulhead loom or the rear of the loom as i dont have any connections in the middle, yer got a the gd old haynes manual just cant seem to find the wires,

guna have a gd look at her on friday, also on the right hand side of the bulkhead i have a relay on its own, anyone know what this one is for.

think i bit of a bit more than i can chew with wiring


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