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As title this is non landy related so if mods want to delete thats ok. Just thought i would throw this one out there to see if anyone had an answer..

Firstly i want to ask, can you report dangerous driving to the police? If you can, what is the chance of anything actally being done about it?

With that being said, i will explain.....

I have a little motorcycle tyre fitting business. Only just started in last couple months. I have a nice little unit in a popular industrial estate. The estate is busy with lots of vans/trucks etc. Theres also quite a lot of kids around as the estate is a shortcut to a local primary school.

One day last week i heard a car roaring outside coupled with the sound of skidding tyres. I never thought that much about it thinking it was just an idiot going to fast round the bend that my unit is positioned on. However 10 mins later it happened again. This time i looked outside to find a young guy broadsiding this old beat-up merc round the bend like a rally driver. I still let it pass hoping he would bury it into the front of a snow-plough or the like.

This has been going on now for the past several days. Then today i looked out to see him losing it (as was bound to happen eventually) just missing my car by about 2 feet. I ran out but he sped off. Now im starting to get pi**ed off! As luck would have it found his car parked outside the estate cafe. I tried to explain to the guy that one day hes either going to knock down a young school kid or (hopefully) bury it into the front of an artic. If im totally honest i was hoping he would give me a mouthful so i had an excuse to smack him in the gob but he said nothing, picked up his stuff and sped off.

Later on i spoke to the guy in the unit next to me, and found out that he had just missed a woman that was crossing the road.

What apart from physical violence can i do about this? Probably nothing but im getting so fed up with this guy.

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To give them their due, the Police have been very good with a similar incident in my Industrial estate. Same sort of thing, chap trying to do handbrake turns. Half an hour in I phoned local police. A few mins later they knocked on my door and then we stood together in the loading bay watching the chap until he clocked that there was a cop standing next to me!

The officer and he had a chat, he drove away slowly and hasn't been back since!

The look on his face gave me more satisfaction than ramming him with the forklift and placing him and car on top of a shipping container which was the backup plan! Someone else who parked blocking the exit to the estate came back to find his car on top of said shipping container! There were very strong winds that day!


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Utopia.......Video it,report to Police resulting in succesful prosecution.Culprit is reformed by the whole experience and accepts his 5yr ban,£2000 fine and the scrapping of his car gracefully.

Real world........ I would not confront him because i would not want him knowing my place of business,if the law do nail him he may want to get even and your property is an easy target for him.Remember you are dealing with an unknown quantity. Video it and have a word with your local Bobbys and get their work mobile no. while you are at it. Good luck,makes the blood boil doesn`t it!

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Thanks for the responses guys. Seems to be a general concensus towards videoing and reporting to bobbys. I will give that a try.

Im not overly worried about repercussions as there is 360 degree cctv directly above my units door. Im more concerned about someone being killed by this a-hole!

If it wasnt such a busy estate id be sorely tempted to drop a few gallons of old engine oil right where he turns in and buries the throttle. That would open his eyes!!

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