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Help With Connecting Heater

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Can anyone tell me if there are differences between the tdi heater, and the one fitted to the td5?

I know that the electrical plug is different where it attaches to harness but i was wondering if there are any other differences?

Reason im asking is that ive noticed that the hole in the td5 bulkhead where heater attaches, is a lot smaller than the opening in the heater body itself?

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Hey up Phil,

Its one of those wierd things, I've read bits on here about people opening the aperture up... I forgot to do it! - I think it harks back to when the bulkheads could be adapted for RHD/LHD with just poping some cover plate type panels off etc.

Some of the early matrix's the inlet outlet pipes point down, the newer ones just come out horizontally.

I use a TD5 matrix I belive the blower plug was the old style just the plug to the resistor to the main harness was new style. i used an old resistor from another heaterbox i had, which had the lucas 3 way connector. and just re-pop rivetted it it the old resistor hole.

Other than that I don't think there are many more differneces.


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Hmm never considered opening up the hole in the bulkhead. Interesting idea. Im sure that would let quite a bit more airflow through. Surprised i havent heard of that one before considering how many people moan about how carp the heater output is... :)

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There's not a "corresponding hole", the hole in the bulkhead leads directly into the lower part of the dash. Which means that this has to be warmed up before there will be any heat inside...

Yes there is a corresponding hole in the dash section. I just re-assembled everything on mine, looked at the 2 holes and saw little point enlarging the hole. But then my bulkhead is galv so didn't want to!

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