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CV joint grease in swivel?

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I'm a complete stupid man and didn't ask Paddock for the one time shot grease sacks, so now I have this problem: I need to change my CV joints but don't have the swivel grease and haven't found Texaco EP00 in my city. I have access to lithium based greases with EP additives and CV joint grease, Can I use it in this application?

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I put the one shot grease in mine, but have to say I don't really like it that much so have gone back to good old EP90. Last 110 did 190,000 miles on it with no problems.

Any brand of EP 90 will do, I always used whatever I could get for the best price.

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The reason I don't like the grease is it doesn't seem to get to the top swivel bearing that well. Never had to adjust or replace them on the old 110. but one needed to be done on this one after a few thousand miles on genuine LR one shot. It was as dry as a bone :o

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