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Door locks

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Seemed to lose locking capability on my passenger door. On close examination the striker plate has a sort of integral insert over the "pin" and this appears to have started to disintegrate so it presented a 3D landscape rather than a smooth surface to the latch. So I ordered two new genuine replacements (reckoned if passenger door plate was collapsing then the driver's side would soon anyway, and that for something used so often genuine might be worth the extra).

New ones came and slightly different in that looks like a plastic insert that rolls over the pin - so perhaps less wear and tear. Tried it in the latch and seemed to work fine then fitted it but same problem. The door catches on the first level (i.e it holds it loosely shut) but does not properly close and hold the door tightly closed. I think it is reasonably secure but it should hold shut.

Where do I go now??? New latches?

Any thoughts most appreciated since ratchet straps are nice and secure but not passenger friendly :o


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It will hold the door but you need to adjust the new striker further back by the sounds of things. As far as I know they should all have plastic on them and your locks have probably been adjusted to take into account the the plastic part is missing.


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The door latch has 2 latching positions. It sounds like your door is only latching in the first position. To make it latch in the second position and pull right in, you need to move the striking peg on the door pillar towards the outside of the vehicle. Over time, these pegs can move in a little which means the secondary latching position cannot be achieved, especially with mangled door seals in place.

I restore VW Campers for a living, and often have to adjust the striking pegs on camper door pillars. Its exactly the same setup.

Hope it helps.

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I also have two 'words' - and not the ones you might think!


This problem occurs when the grease in the lock becomes too viscose through age or cold weather.

When you close the door, it bounces against the striker plate. Normally the latch will have closed preventing the door opening, but if the latch movement is too slow, the striker pin has moved too far out of the lock for it to grab it. It either catches on the second latching position or not at all.

If you de-grease the lock and re-lubricate with spray grease or even just spray it with WD40 it will close just fine!

No need to buy new strikers or even X-Trousers as they will not fix the problem!


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Thanks guys. Now sorted.

Tried filling the latch with WD40 but it still failed to catch so slackened off the two screws and made minor adjustments by trial and error and hey presto!

I tried spraying in WD40 through the gaps where the catch enters the latch unit but had no wee tube to direct the spray. I guess this would have been better. Also sounds like a good idea to flush out before the really cold weather comes so may buy a new can WD40 since I can never manage to hang on to the red tubes!!

Which would be better for re-lubricating? I have white lithium spray grease or silicone spray.

Best wishes


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