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MOT Smoke test

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My TD5 just barely scraped through the Test today. I noticed that the oil temperature was only 58 degrees and I thought the minimum was supposed to be 80 degrees.

The tester revved the nuts off it during the test ( much more than I have ever noticed in the past ) .

Will these two things have made a difference or do I have work to do before next year.

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When taking a diesel for a test, I have always taken it for a good long run prior to presenting it to make sure everything is at normal operating temperatures. In fact last year I arrived at the test centre early, and said to the tester that since he had a car on the ramp still, I would go and take my motor for another run to keep it warm, and he said it was the best thing to do to make sure the emissions were as low as possible.

Just my two penn'th

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It's always a good idea to do an "Italian tune-up" before putting your vehicle in for a MoT. Get the engine warmed-up then spend 15 or 20 minutes driving it like you stole it: lots of full-throttle acceleration in the lower gears using the rev-limiter to tell you when to change up - my TD5 D90 will hit 70 in 3rd quite happily - doing this will get the entire engine/exhaust-system nice and hot and will also blow out any accumulated diesel-soot.

If you're generally a "careful" driver this is also a good opportunity to give your brakes some work: find an open and low-traffic section of road, wind it up to 70MPH as quickly as possible then brake *hard* down to 20MPH - change down to 2nd, floor it and then get back up to 70 as quickly as possible - then brake down to 20 again!

Repeat this 6 or 8 times and it'll clear accumulated gunge/scale from the surfaces of the discs and give you the best chance of passing the brake-test.

Alternatively, get up to 60 in 3rd, floor the throttle, and use the brake against the engine to maintain 60 for half a mile or so. It may sound brutal but it'll give both the engine and the brakes a good 'conditioning'.

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