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TD5 Fuel Pump Failure


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Yesterday put the Old Girl into garage to have a fuel pump replaced as they had fitted it only three months ago, it was screaming as soon as you turned the ignition on and all the time you were driving it, a bit embarrassing in traffic. Besides doing 10,000 miles in the three months and being told I was lucky as the pump (L/R Genuine) only had a 12,000 mile guarantee, it was changed under warranty no problem, but one thing they did say was that it was probably due to the Fuel Filter collapsing internally ( fitted same time as pump) as mine had done and it was a quite common occurrence? I never have had one collapse internally in the last 30 years of fitting them weekly with work? Anyone else ever had this happen?



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There has to be A Reason for this.

Was the fuel-filter replaced with a genuine [or alternatively a 'Mann'-branded - they make the originals for LR] one when your new fuel-pump was fitted?

Have you suffered any odd swishing/gurgling/swooshing sounds in the meantime?

Whining fuel-pump and gurgling noises [often associated with a reluctance to start, stumbling, hesitation/lethargic acceleration etc] are a sign of failed injector-seals, which let combustion gases into the fuel-rail and make the fuel-pump work overtime trying to force the bubbles out of the fuel-system circulation.

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I have had all the injector seals done, it runs light a freight train even with the really winey pump, it was a l/r dealer that changed the pump and filter ?

and as for (Have you suffered any odd swishing/gurgling/swooshing sounds in the meantime?) I nor the Defender have suffered from any of this, Might do over Christmas though :blink: .

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