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Faulty windows on Disco 1


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I am experiencing an intermittent fault with the rear windows on my 1994 300 tdi Disco. They stop working for no apparent reason. They don't work from the front consol or the rear door switches. Fiddling with the isolator switch has no response. I tried switching the ignition on an off and removing and replacing fuses to no avail. In the end, I just left it for a while (anything from 10-30 mins and it started working again.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Where should I look first? I haven't had the chance to have a poke around with an electrical tester as I don't have one with small enough probes.

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I had that recently on mine - it was one of the solders on the window ECU which is under the glove box.

It's a black box with 2 connectors coming out of it - one big one small. Take the connectors off and then the flat face of the box facing you will come out - held in at each corner. Basically the bit you pull out is a computer chip board type thing and you will see that one of the bits of soldering will have failed.

Blob some solder on it, hook it back up and you should be sorted. The main probs are trying to reach the bl**dy thing and then trying to not break the plastic of the casing when pulling the board out.

I will try get you some pics aas am not convinced what I've typed makes sense...

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Thanks Cal,

I think I lost you after ECU...

Unfortunately for me, electrics is something that happens to other people. I shall have to try and decipher my Haynes manual. Photos would be most welcome though.

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sorry mate - p*ss poor description on my part - will make more sense if you see it. I will try and get you some pics tomorrow. I did have some off one of the guys on another forum but got rid of them after I'd fixed it - that'll learn me!

If you undo the trim panel under the glove box you should be able to see the box I'm on about which might them make more sense... hopefully... ;)

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I had a go at testing the control unit yesterday (I couldn't get it out cause I mislaid my extension - ooer). There is a definite fault as there was no power coming out to the rear window controls.

Can someone tell me where the two nuts are that retain the bracket to the bulkhead. I could find one that sits between the two metal plates (to the right of the unit), but could not find the other one. I'm assuming it is somewhere under the foam padding.

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Finally found a pic of the ECU for you but it wont let me add it - it's a bmp file, but this was the description I was given:

Glovebox and black card kick panel passenger side - remove them

Left hand side - Black box near the green one.

The black box should even say window lift ECU

It does not require removal to the get the card out.

Remove the 2 large plugs and unclip the face from the box and slide the card out.

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Finally found a pic of the ECU for you but it wont let me add it - it's a bmp file

You need to save it as a .jpg or .gif first (don't just change the file extension - open it in pretty much any image editor and save it in the appropriate format). JPEG (.jpg) is good for photo's and similar, GIF (.gif) for simple images with only a few block colours, like diagrams.

Windows Bitmap Pictures (.bmp) aren't suitable for the web - file sizes are far too big and not all browsers can display them.

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