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map for a 4.2 RR classic


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thank you. i'll take a look.

one other point i'm not quite clear on, is do i need to use megasquirt for ignition too? i really only want to use it for fuel and and i can't think why it would need anything other than an rpm signal since its firing all injectors at the same time. my main motivation is that the current system has a fault that i can't trace where the injectors loose power once the car is warmed up and idling. they work fine with open throttle and when cold. anyway, i thought it was a good excuse to get a more reliable and tuneable system in there.

also, any other parts i need for time job? i have the megasquirt II unit, relay board, wiring loom, GM IAT sensor and a weatherpack kit. i was hoping to use the rest of the sensors, IAC valve, throttle pos sensor, MAF sensor, lambdas, injectors etc already on the truck.

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You've got yourself in a tad of a messy muddle it seems, maybe I can help

Why you have MS2 for just fuelling is a puzzle to me, but I can help

Please let me know which firmware version you have on the MS2 and I'll have a lookie through what I have to sort you out,

the complexity of MS2 firmwares is one of the reasons I try to aviod it, and for fuel only I am confused completely !

Why not spark as well, sorry but I have to ask ?

Most Maps, or better descrbied MSQs (which are program files for running the engine) will be MS1 based, you have MS2, the firmware (this is the operating system) needs to be

known so that the MSQ will work on it.

Let me know and I'll see what I can do


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thank you. to answer your questions:

1) why only fueling? because the lucas fueling is causing me an untraceable problem at present and the ignition isn't. because i don't want to spend more time on it than i need. because i want to gain the knowledge to do fueling on another engine build i'm doing where ignition is already taken care of.

2) why MS2? because i want to drive the RR idle stepper motor. because i want to gain my knowledge on the version 2 system i'll be using on the aforementioned mopar big block. because i prefer more recent and improved versions of most things - surely that is the spirit of MS? not just copying exactly what someone else did?

its a PCB 3.57 from diyautotune - not sure on the firmware but i'm sure its upgradeable to anything needed.

i'm thinking of leaving the intake just the way it is and fitting a GM IAT sensor into it. not entirely sure what else i might need at this stage but hoping that's about it. i've not found any mention of 4.2 maps anywhere. i know that engine size was only used for a couple of years.

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Could you open a base map for ms1 in TS and then export the tables, before importing them into your ms2 project? You could take a 3.9 map and scale it up slightly or a 4.6 and scale down? You'd have to input all the other settings manually using the stare and compare method...

I think that figuring out ms2 or ms3 can only be a good thing! When I am totally happy with my ms1 and when funds allow I am sure i will make the upgrade- what else would I have to tinker with otherwise? :D

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