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Headlight dip beam wiring

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Just finished a 6 month restoration of my 1986 Defender 90, and I have clearly disturbed some wiring, as the dip beam on the o/s/f has no supply. checked the obvious - fuse ok, earth ok. As each side has its own fuse, I expect there are 2 seperate supplies, one for each side. Incidentally, the main beam works fine.

Can anyone tell me the routing of the supply for the o/s/f? I expect its all in the wring loom :(.

I do remember disturbing some cables when under the eye brow on the n/s/f, but I cant see how that would affect the o/s/f.

Any ideas/suggestions would be welcome.

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The wiring comes out the middle of the bulkhead behind a plastic cover at the back of the head. Back of the brake servo, running down the wing behind the plstic filler between inner wing and outer skin,. Its blue trace ...ahh..my wiring diagram has a fault....the four headligh wires are blue then traces of pink, black, slate or orange.....I never noticed before but my manual has LH/RH dipped, and a second LH/RH dipped instead of main! Seem to remember from a fortnight ago there are no plugs and sockets in the loom, it runs straight to the lights. Have a look for the earths from the back of the lights, check the voltage in the plugs for the lights, and lastly, just check the bulb hasn't gone with a power surge as the new loom went live - I've had it happen.

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