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another problem???? tunnel

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hi all

it seems to be 1 thing after another

prob this time is the gearbox tunnel not fitting properly???

i have used the seatboxes tunnel and bulkhead from td5

i am useing origanal 200tdi engine box the small bellhousing type

and the chassis

but the gearbox seems to be couple of inches to far back

i will try posting pics




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Fireblade, get a lt77 tunnel and flange to bolt on to the bulkhead, then modify your seat box to suit the lt77 tunnel by removing the flange and making a new one. You'll find that the lt77 tunnel is narrower so your handbrake will stay closer to your leg.

Personally, when I discovered this in circumstances similar to your own, I got hold of an earlier seat box in decent nick and used that.

For matting, I used an lt77 tunnel mat with the floor mat portions from the r380 floor/tunnel mat. It's not perfect but good enough for me :)



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Yeah sounds like you went the wrong way unfortuantly, you should have used an LT77 tunnel cover, and modified your seat box to fit. I've got a 200tdi with an r380 (shorty) fits perfectly with the LT77 set-up.

similar in my 110, 200tdi/stumpy R380 original TD/LT77 seatbox & tunnel parts.

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