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Wonky wipers

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All has gone brilliantly with wipers since replaced the motor about three years ago. Then on Tuesday the park seemed to stop working. Then on Thursday the intermittent seemed to run like the normal speed wipe with the exception that when you swiched off it seemed to almost park then head back for another quarter wipe (so blades end up at 1030h rather than 0900h.

With the normal speed wipe the blades now stop exactly where you switch off (so you have to wait till 0900h then hit the stalk).

This is workable but incovenient and (a) what goes next plus (b) something has clearly broken.

Am not sure how to diagnose this. On the one hand it sounds like possibly an earth problem (seen lots of them) but could also be a switch going.

Since it is quite awkward getting at everything behind the dash I wondered if anyone has any pointers to get me started.

Thanks and best wishes


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My wipers also played up today, heavy rain and high winds, They were working fine for the first 5 mile of so then the stroke started in increase - so much so that the wiper blade passed the window rubber and stuck... window down and gave it a push back but it did it again and again, on intermittent it would control but just. Got home and into the garage and found that the grub screw had come loose on the spindle - probably my fault as I greased the grub screw when I fitted new wiper boxes as I had to drill the old ones out.

Might need to get a new park switch but will see how they perform first, the stroke length always seams to change - the longer they are on the more the stroke gets, will see how it goes now that the grub screw is tight.

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