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Defender double cab seat question


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Hello chaps, I am after a favour if possible I would very much like a picture of the rear seats in a double cab as I believe the previous owner to me has installed them incorrectly in mine as there are two home made brackets on the back of the seats that attach to the bulkhead. So I would just like to correct where I think he has gone wrong as this 110 was previously a normal CSW and he has done everything else to a high standard.

Any help is appreciated.

Regards pux

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2nd row seat locking parts in http://lrcat.com/#31/4/53662 for later models.

if 3 individual seats http://lrcat.com/#31/4/53661

hey Ralph hope your enjoying gods own county over Christmas!? Those locking parts are they not for a 110 CSW as I think and I am more than likely wrong the double cab is different again?
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The double cab rear seats do not have any sort of catch.

They are attached to the bulkhead via a black painted piece of angle.

oh in that case I shall stop slagging off the previous owner and slag off land rover at their carp effort and securing the seats!! Thanks everyone.
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