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Ermintrude reviews?


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Happy Christmas everyone!

I'm just wondering if anyone has had this treatment done and what they think of it. How does it stand up to stone chipping?

Edit: spell check changed Ermintrude to ermintrude. While I am appreciative of the benefits they bring us, I'm not especially interested in cows!

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Ah, that explains very well how you all knew exactly what I was asking about, even after the second spell-correction! I thought it was just a nasty quirk of the tablet I was using when posting, but now I see it's just nasty quirk of the system I was inquiring about! ;) Regular wax it is, then. I might use Dinitrol rather than Waxoil, though - if it's good enough for Boeing, then it should be good enough for a Defender.

Thanks for the recommendation, Reb, I'll look them up. I don't want to do it myself as it's a horribly messy job and I want the insides of the chassis, bulkhead and door frames done with proper high pressure spray probes.

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Hi Snagger. I have had my 110 Rustmaster'd by the guys near Warrington. Spent the day with them photographing the whole process as I am writing an article about it. To say they were thorough is an understatement... Those are some dedicated people and the job they did was brilliant. Way better than I have ever done myself. Plus the waxoyl they use is a much higher spec than the stuff you or I can buy in the shops. It is designed to protect oil rig structures and to be applyed under water.





I got them to waxoyl the rear cross member as well as paint just never stays on for very long. 8 months on and all is hunky-dory, still a very happy punter :)

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You may gather when if you read a bit he gets more than a bit nasty - got seriously out of order here and I think got banned as a result

The b n a name is therefore auto spell corrected


Blimey - Harsh or what! Im glad it doesent happen on this forum

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