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Axle swap 1986 for 2002 model 110?

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Can any one point me in the right direction?

I have an 1986 110 and a donor 2002 Td5 rear axle. Can i swap the rear axle so I have disc brakes rear? The front axle is already replaced by the front of the same 110 Td5 donor.

Do I have to replace the brake pedal or brake flued split unit (I don't know the right name) the one mounted to the bulkhead under the heater unit that divides the flued to front and rear brake lines???

Do I have to swap more?

regards Theo

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The only thing you need do is get the later propshaft from the donor td5 as it is longer than your original. Steve

That will not be the problem, as the compleet donor is next to the 1986 at the moment. (the donor has made a rollover, so the body is nacked. the techical part is partly in use in my 1986, I swaped the v8 for the Td5 and the front axle RHD for the Td5 LHD).

So no need to change the balancer or brakepedal?

Thanks for the advice

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No need to swap any other bits, just the axle.

Thanks for the quick reply. I thought I had to change the balancer and pedalunit as well. Because of diverence with drum brake and disc system pressure in system to keep cups under pressure ???

Anyway it is a straight swap because I have all the parts of the donor available.

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the valve is to isolate one section [rear] if a fluid line breaks or a seal gives up, they were deleted from later vehicles, & replaced with the fluid loss float cap on the fluid tank. just compare both vehicles before removing the rear disc axle from the later vehicle,

lots of members with rear drum braked 90/110's have swapped to rear disc axles without changing any other parts.

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