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110 CSW Sill replacement


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Hope ive called it by the right nem, would be a sill on any other vehicle!! :D

The sill that runs from the A to C pillar appears to be held on with a bit of luck and chequer plate riveted over the top (although the whole thing is a bit wobbly). One presumes underneath there is a proper bit of metal that connects the outriggers.

Is this bolted on or weld on? easy to do? parts available?

erm, anything else i need to know?

When you open passenger doors the sill tops look distinctly crusty and has a good 'explosion' for want of a better word,of tiger seal trowled on over the top. :D

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its the fixings are:

2 bolts on the bulkhead out rigger

6 spot welds on the B pillar

2 bolts on the seat belt anchorage point

6 spot welds on the C pillar

2 bolts on the mid cross member

and a few bolts on the floor panels.

best way to remove is with an 7mm drill bit, a hammer and chisel.



as this is a job i have completed as mine were no the best... P020612_18550002.jpg

, i would surgest using the company above, there very good and parts are very accurate.

good luck. :)

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Cheers (as ever) forum chaps!

Retired/medicalled off last year and am now the worlds oldest apprentice at 40 :D (although technically i guess im the unskilled partner) at my mates/our bodyshop.

Flat out on old VWs but looks like landies might start to feature heavily :rolleyes:

cheers again


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