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Although the auto gearbox on a td5 has its own sump with a fluid level plug half way up the front of it to check and fill it to, you will know if it falls a bit low because every now and then two green lights shaped like cogs will flash on the dash, it will not happen all the time just on steep inclines when the fluid runs to the back, ignition off and on when on level ground normaly eliminates it until the next time the circumstances are the same, the level should not need much attention unless you leak a bit because its a sealed system but the quality is a "must check" on every auto without a full service history, these boxes respond smoothly and correctly with a quality Dexron 3 additive fluid (which aids fuel economy) but when that quality goes off you will think the box has a mind of its own when changing and spend too long in what feels like the wronge gear, the ZF box in a TD5 has a panel oil filter in the sump and at about £10 inc the two seals its an easy DIY job to replace, there is 10 litres of fluid in the box but you can only drain and replace 5 litres due to design so make it the best quality you can afford because it will be diluted by the old 5 litre once in opporation, a bit of a long answer sorry but if it saves you replacing one of these enormously heavy boxes or enormously expensive torque converters you will thank me have fun Oh and I am new on here but it looks brill guys, compliments to the quality of membership Steve (Mr Hatt)

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