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Pda Mount


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I got the PDAMODS.com one and promptly sent it back as it was a poor quality

then I spoke with the RAM chap he advised on what to buy

I had to modify it as I'm using a CF gps

but Chris Watts gave me some Velcro which fixes it just fine.

the suction mount is very strong and despite hitting a tree at 10mph then very rough terrain hasn't moved a mm



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I struggled with this problem for a while and solved it by getting a (Norwegian made) custom mounting bracket for the Defender. It fixes by fitting under one of the windscreen heater vent screws at the top and one of the fixing screws under the dash panel. Like Tony the actual PDA is attached by velcro. When in place you can't actually see the mounting bracket. It does not shake at all due to being firmly fixed to the dash (without making any holes!).

Sorry don't have any pics of the braket on its own to hand but here is the end result.


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Mark no it is fine, it came from gpswarehouse cost approx £38

all working fine with thanks to:


Chris Watts


Les Brock

Bish bosh


Darth Dicky

for all thier help in choosing setting up and installing the device.

total cost:

PDA £317 PCworld

mount £38 GPS warehouse

CF gps/external antenna ebay £45

Sd card Ebay 1gb £45

power cable Fone cables ebay £5

x3 lots of screen protectors they are sods to get right, I ruined 4 before I got one on satisfactorily £14

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