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Water into the heater intake - Supermister!

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I had a new experience today. Driving on a very offroad byway section in west Cornwall which was very flooded (but great fun). Very suddenly my windscreen completely steamed up (as in less than 4 seconds) and I had no visibility whatsoever. I stopped and switched the heater fan on which made it slightly worse for about 10 seconds and then began to de-mist until it was perfectly clear again. Twas obviously clear that a massive splash of water went into the heater air intake which I have on top of the wing.

I guess most of you are laughing in surprise that I have yet to experience this LR trickery but all joking aside if had been travelling at any speed and that happened it would have been very dangerous. The windscreen went from clear to useless in no time. I've yet to open the heater box but I dont spose much damage can be done getting water through the intake? Additionally is there anyway to stop this (Great excuse to fit a second snorkle...............).

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Haha, this is not uncommon.

If water comes over the wing top and through the intake grille, it will steam up to some extent.

However, there is a drain valve in the plastic heater duct beneath the wing top, check this is not blocked. Rain water should be able to escape this way, obviously a wave over the bonnet will overwhelm it.

Also check the foam gasket between the above duct and the heater box is present and intact. If it is crumbling or missing you will be drawing air from the engine bay, so any water hitting the exhaust will fill the engine bay with steam and your heater will suck it all in. Also it's not a great idea pumping engine bay fumes into the cabin :o

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